Icelandic auditors

Welcome to the Icelandic Auditors website

Islenskir endurskodendur ehf (Icelandic auditors) is a newly founded audit firm but with long lasting and strong roots in Icelandic business. Please follow the following links for further information regarding our firm.


International business partners

Íslenskir endurskoðendur are affiliated members of CH International. CH International is an international association of accountants, auditors, tax specialists and business advisors, working with small to medium-sized companies all over the world to help them achieve their goals. CH has currently member firms in 20 countries but has a growing network. For further information on CH International see

Legal partners

In the area of tax advisory and corporate law we have a close business relationship with Nordik Legal. Nordik Legal is an Icelandic law firm with a strong focus in the areas of tax and corporate law, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, private equity structures, general commercial law and European law. Fur further information on Nordik Legal see